What should you wear for an After School program interview?

Whatever you decide to wear, make sure it is professional, tidy, and sends a message you are serious about the opportunity.

For Men: You can almost never go wrong with a black, or dark blue business suit.  For ties, preferably wear a solid, or simple patterned tie.

Make sure you are comfortable in your suit & shirt.  Some suits or shirts are too thick for the summer.

For Women:  Pants are OK, but if you feel comfortable in a skirt and matching jacket, we recommend it!

There are much more choices for women then men but we suggest not to wear anything too flashy.  We feel tennis shoes, open toes, or sandals would be inappropriate for a job interview.

Hair & Makeup — Keep it simple! Don’t allow long or wavy hair to hide your face. Consider having a touch-up color, wave, or trim. Wear lighter or less makeup than usual. Do not apply too much foundation or eye makeup. If you use hair spray, you might consider an unscented brand. Any sort of perfume-like smell from hair spray, body lotions, cologne, or perfume can be disturbing to some interviewers.

Good luck!

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